With our WordPress solutions you are guaranteed a professional website that will add up to all your expectations. We know that projects may vary, that’s why we have chosen to offer three packaging solutions.

The reason we have chosen to work with WordPress instead of other solutions, is that a website based on WordPress will offer you the possibility of easily editing, and updating your website in the future. 

With WordPress we guarantee you the best availability when it comes to SEO. The WordPress system is loved by Google and will let your website rank higher in Google search engine if you compare to other platforms. 

With a website from Boergesen you can expect a custom-made website, built with a premium template, made SEO friendly from the beginning and is a totally plug and play solution.


Planning Stage

In the planning stage we will discuss in which direction the project should go. We will be taking notes of all your inputs in relation to the design and functionality of your future website 

Design Stage

In the design stage we will begin our first take on your future website. Before creating the final product, we will frequently review the website to ensure you’re getting your unique website.

Development Stage

In the development stage we install wordpress, connect your domain, make your website SEO friendly and bring life to your future website.



The Reveal Stage

The grand reveal, in this stage we reveal the website 1 on 1 to make sure that we have hit all your expectations and that your website is fully functioning.

Searchability is key to ranking high on Google and other search engines. WordPress sites tend to rank higher for their keywords