Why your next website should run on WordPress

In the latest years a lot have happened in the way we develop and design websites. Today we see more firmly new developers coming up with new ideas and new ways to get the job done. We see it everyday, graphic designers getting into website development. Without even writing a single line of code they are able to create functional and great looking solutions for mid-size business. So how is all that possible, if we went a couple of years back a website was built on HTML for layout, CSS for styling and JS for functioning. Nothing has actually change except for the development process. Firms like Elegant Themes and Elementor have done a great job on their page builders, which totally changed the way a website is build. 

For those of you who are not familiar with WordPress. WordPress or WP as it is generally called are started off as a open source system built to compliment bloggers for easily getting started. We will still see WP used today for blogging purposes but most importantly used for even bigger purpose. In the latest years WP has done a lot of improvement in their system, they made it simply to use themes and plugins but most importantly makes it able for everyone without coding knowledge to change their content of a website. 

We all know the unlimited of opportunities Google have given us with their search console. Every time you open up a new website remember their is a 35% chance that the current website is running with WordPress. WP has been chosen upon the factors of simplicity, security and flexibility, so to you who is not familiar with the WP system you better listen carefully, WP is the solution to go for today and properly also tomorrow due to their ability to improve.


The three most common reasons to work with WordPress

01 Security:

Maintaining a website is not a run in the park, there is a lot of factors that has to play before everything runs smoothly and will so for years on. One of the main circumstances is the security, no one likes getting hack, not you and definitely not your clients whos data is on play. WP is offering a great range of opportunities to help you with the process of securing your website. Am I safe now? Not really because not only is it possible for you to get hacked through your front end, you do also have a database, hosting company, a theme and maybe som plugins. Hopefully this didn’t scared you off, if that’s the case we can insure you with a maintenance solution you should be good to go.

02 SEO Optimization:

With your website based on WP you are straight from the beginning a friend with Google, and who doesn’t like to be that? That said being a friend with Google comes with it’s perks. Not only will you expect your website to rank higher but most importantly Google love to eat WP content. So if your into affiliate marketing or experienced with working on content marketing WP is definitely a system you should be using on your future website.

03 Unlimited opportunities:

Is it really possible to run a massive mega site with WP? Yes it is, as stated above “Unlimited opportunities”. So your in the game for a hell of a game changer with in your industry and know for fact you only want to work with the best, go with WP. Your a startup with a broken bank account and might only need a contact page, go with WP. As I wrote earlier on, one of the key advantages of working with WP is its flexibility. 

I hope this post gave you some information on why to choose WP as your future system to base your website on, in case your still confuse and actually wanna get your project online feel free to have a look at our WP solutions here.