Graphic Design


At Boergesen we are creative, and we design with a vision for outstanding results. We do always strike to meet our clients’ requirements and are not scared to recommend adjustments to your idea.

Our designs are timeless, with a minimalistic and modern touch. A logo design from Boergesen will make your business stand out in the field and most important present your business’ identity.

With Scandinavian roots, we design. All our designs are custom, we sit down and listen. We take your information and inputs and convert it into timeless graphic designs that will stand out in the crowd.

At the moment we mainly design, logos, graphic identities, flyers and business cards. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you are more than welcome to contact us.


Planning Stage

In the planning stage we will discuss in which direction the project should go. We will be taking notes of all your inputs in relation to your business identity and the design ideas you might have.

Pre Design Stage

In the pre design stage we will begin our first take on your design. Before moving into the final design stage we will present you some ideas to choose from to secure you end up with the right design.

Final Design Stage

In the final design stage we have a finished design ready for you. A design that should be able to present your business identity and in same time stands out. Any minor changed can apply.  


The Reveal Stage

The grand reveal, we are now ready to make the delivery. All our design rather its a logo design or a design for your business cards. It will be delivered in printable and editable files. 

“First impressions matters, and so do your logo design. Remember it is what your clients will stand with after your visit”