With our eCommerce solutions you will soon be online, selling your physical or digital products. We are aware that you might have special expectations, that’s why we have offered three different packages.

At Boergesen we only work with the best performing platforms. Our eCommerce solutions are all based on WooCommerce, running on WordPress. It gives you space to scale your business and even edit, update or add new pages, products and content in the future. 

With an eCommerce solution based on WooCommerce, we guarantee you no limit of orders, many options to choose from, unlimited number of products and complete control of your content.

We know that starting a business might be exiting and stressful. Don’t worry, we will do our best to get you started on your new eCommerce Store. We do the setup of your store in close contact with you as a client.


Planning Stage

In the planning stage we will discuss in which direction the project should go. We will be taking notes of all your inputs in relation to the design and functionality of your future eCommerce. 

Design Stage

In the design stage we will begin our first take on your future eCommerce store. Before creating the final product, we will frequently review the webshop to ensure you’re getting your unique eCommerce store.

Development Stage

In the development stage we add your products, connect your domain, setup your store  and bring life to your future eCommerce store.



The Reveal Stage

The grand reveal, in this stage we reveal the eCommerce store 1 on 1 to make sure that we have hit all your expectations and that your eCommerce store is fully functioning.

“Our clients have different needs, that’s why we have chosen to work with the most flexible platform. WooCommerce “