About Us


At Boergesen you can expect solutions where creativity and functionality go hand in hand. We always strike to be on track with the latest trends and options. Boergesen is founded in 2020 as a freelance provider of web development, SEO optimization and graphic design. Our future ambition is to grow within the industry, and keep on learning new ways to make the life of our clients a little easier. 

We are based in Copenhagen, a fast-growing capital in central Europe, where a culture for simplicity and modern design is in focus. In all our solutions we seek inspiration and help if needed by our local network. With a fellow interest and passion in finding the newest trends and options. Copenhagen is not just another Hub for IT professionals; it has several of years’ experience in forming and helping entrepreneurs to succeed. 







SEO Optimazation


Graphic Design


  • AP in Information Technology Subject: Programming 100% 100%
  • AP in Information Technology Subject: Database 10% 10%
  • AP in Information Technology Subject: Advanced programming 2% 2%