Welcome to Boergesen, my name is Frederik Børgesen. I am a freelance developer with focus on website development and graphic design. 

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With a website based on the wordpress platform you’ll discover a totally new world opening in front of you. The release of the first WordPress version can be counted back to 2003. Since then, they have kept improving their open source system. Today nearly 50% of all active websites are running on the WordPress system, which makes them a global market leader. 

With a website solution from Boergesen, you’ll have all the advantages which a WordPress solution brings you. We will be looking at high performance, with fully access to mobiles and tablets, high security, SEO friendly and not to mention easy and accessible by you in the future. 

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In 2008, a couple of years after the first release of WordPress, WooCommerce came up. WooCommerce works as an extension built on WordPress, to make it possible to turn a website built on WordPress into an eCommerce as we know them today. Nearly 34% of today’s eCommerce stores are running on WooCommerce. This includes brands such as Weber, Disney, PlayStation and a ton more. 

With an eCommerce solution connected with WooCommerce you’ll experience a highly sophisticated system built to perform. A system that is absolutely free, yes no monthly cost so skip that Shopify solution you might have thought of. The most important notice to make about WooCommerce is the ability to scale. No limits, everything is an open source and customizable. 

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We all know how important it is that a logo speaks the vision of your company. That said, we at Boergesen tend to know those little tricks in Adobe creative to make your logo stand out in the crowd.  

We stick with an ambition to deliver and only deliver the best. Graphic design has tended to develop itself a lot in the latest years, new line arts and new styles that makes it all much more fun to deal with. 

With graphic designs delivered by Boergesen you’ll expect highly motivated and professional dialogue. At Boergesen our job is to make sure your vision as the client becomes reality. That said we hope you’ll have a look at our portfolio or read more at our Graphic design page. 

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Running a business is for many a journey based on both success and failure. In between you might see yourself in stressful situations, where the maintenance of your website or eCommerce store might be long down the list of priorities. Which is totally understandable. Having a website or eCommerce store comes with work. Not only updating new content but working on the system. 

With a maintenance package from Boergesen we take care of the hassle of being on the web. Updates, spam handling and backup is what you can expect. So, if you don’t want to worry about whether your website is filled with spam, your system runs on an outdated version. Or that your content hasn’t been backed up since you started out, then a maintenance solution might be for you. 

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